What is the Symbaloo Bookmarker?

The Symbaloo bookmarker is an add-on for your browser. It is a helpful tool to add the current site to your Symbaloo webmix with just one click. The Symbaloo Bookmarker is currently available for the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox and  Google Chrome


How do I use the Symbaloo Bookmarker?

After installing the bookmarker, one buttons will appear in the top right corner of the toolbar of your browser. Click that icon to access the Symbaloo bookmarker and save your tiles to the webmix you selected. You can also right click on a page or a link and choose “Add to Symbaloo” in the drop down menu.



Scroll down to look for your browser and download the Symbaloo Bookmarker.



Chrome Symbaloo Bookmarker

Download the Symbaloo bookmarker for Chrome 




Firefox Symbaloo Bookmarker 

Download the Symbaloo bookmarker for Firefox





Symbaloo Internet Explorer Bookmarker


Symbaloo Bookmarklet


Drag this button to your Favorites bar. 





Symbaloo Safari Bookmarker

  Download the Symbaloo bookmarker for Safari


When you visit a website which you want to add to your Symbaloo account, just click the plus button and select the Webmix of your choice!



Watch an instruction video about the Symbaloo Bookmarker