Symbaloo on your phone!

iPhone app:

Symbaloo allows you to create your own homepage in no time. All your favorite links are available anytime and anywhere, so you will never have to search or type in websites ever again!

With this app, it’s even more fun to use Symbaloo, because all your favorite websites are automatically synchronized with your smartphone. The only thing you have to, is to download Symbaloo mobile and log in!

Android app:

5 cool features of the Symbaloo app

  • Super-fast access to your favorite websites
  • Synchronization with the web version of
  • Add tiles (including the site you visit) and remove. This is synchronized with your webversion
  • Share a link via e-mail or social media
  • Keep track of the news with our handy RSS-reader


If you need help with our application, or just have general comments or feedback, please email Symbaloo at

Q: What is Symbaloo?
A: Symbaloo is a new visual way to navigate on the web. Click on a tile and surf directly to the website, instead of searching or typing URL’s

Q: What does it cost to use Symbaloo?
A: Symbaloo is completely free and does not contain any banner ads.

Q: Do I need to register?
 Yes, if you register you can use your favorite websites anywhere, on any device!

Q: Can I add programs or apps from my iPhone or computer to my Symbaloo desk?
 Unfortunately, that is not possible due to technical limitations.