Symbaloo wallpaper update

After 2,5 years it’s time to look back and see how the wallpapers perform on Symbaloo

We will be looking at performance and branding results and are introducing a new feature to grow results even more!


Performance results

Running a wallpaper campaign will create a long term effect on clicks & sales and will create more revenue for an advertiser.

This is due to the fact that we have two points of contact on our site. Users can engage with the wallpaper and the tile of an advertiser. The wallpaper is used to spark interest and the tile is used to stay top of mind and drive sales. Those two combined on one website are creating the long term effect.

In the example above you can see the results for one of our advertisers. With a total of 3 different campaigns in a 6 month period they were able to send more visitors to their website and increase sales for the long term. This proves that even in the months after the campaigns the results will stay up.

Branding value

Because we show each impressions for 60 seconds and the ads are full page (biggest add on the internet), it’s impossible to miss. Symbaloo is used as a personal startpage and people visit our website to surf to other places on the internet. This means that people are coming and going all the time. We want to make sure each impression is viewed, so when a user leaves our website we stop the timer.

For example: A user sees the wallpaper of an advertisers for 8 seconds before surfing away to Google. After 30 minutes they come back to Symbaloo, so the timer continues. This time they stay for 16 seconds before surfing to Facebook. When they come back after an hour the wallpaper will still be there and the timer will continue until it reaches 60 seconds. This means that each impression can be multiple views!

New feature

The question we asked ourselves was: how can we push the performance and increase the branding value at the same time? The answer lies in combining the tiles and wallpapers even more. This is why we are introducing a tile add feature to our wallpapers. When a user comes to Symbaloo they will get a pop up message asking them to add the tile.

With this new feature, the wallpaper will spark the interest and the added tile will create a remarketing effect and will lead to more revenue in the long term!

Want to know more?

Contact: Mike Lamboo
Phone: 0031 15 212 9002