Everything you need to know about ads on Symbaloo

You are here because you probably clicked on the link “get rid of this ad” below an advertisement

Why ads?

Why are there ads on Symbaloo?

Symbaloo has a freemium model, which means you can use Symbaloo for free on individual basis. Only the free version comes with some ads.

This enables us to continue improving Symbaloo, make you happy with great content, provide support and keep our apps free. In exchange we sometimes show ads.

Are the ads safe?

Are the ads safe?

We understand it is very important to our users to only show appropriate ads.

What we do to only show safe-ads

1. We work with big ad-networks who have a strict policy on the quality of ads (like Google Adsense)
2. The next check is at Symbaloo; we deactivated sensitive categories (gambling, adult, dating and politics)
3. We also check the ads regularly. There are thousands, but we feel we need to do this for you.

All these actions should prevent our ad servers from showing inappropriate ads. But if you feel like an ad is still not suitable, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please send a full screenshot to inappropriate-ads@symbaloo.com

How to remove ads?

Symbaloo without Ads

You can get Symbaloo without ads if you subscribe to the PRO version. There’s always a free trial period of 30 days.

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Origin of ads

There are only a few places where you can see ads on our platform. At this moment (October 2017) these places are:

1. Occasionally on the right side of the Symbaloo tiles
2. In the Symbaloo gallery: a rectangle and a leaderboard
3. In the Symbaloo gallery: occasionally a skin ad
4. Wallpaper background ads

If you see different and annoying ads…
There is a possibility that the ads are not originating from Symbaloo. When something is downloaded on a computer, there is a chance that, during the download, something is installed with it. That can cause ads popping up or ads being inserted in your Symbaloo page, which aren’t ours.

How do you find out if an ad is or is not supposed to be on your page? Well, underneath our ads, there will be a ‘get rid of ads’ sign. If there is no such sign, there is probably something else behind your ads. Feel free to email our support team to ask for help.

 Our company policy for ads

Symbaloo is free to use, and you will occasionally see ads.

  • No inappropriate ads
  • Less ads gives a better experience
  • Ads should never be on top of content

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