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Organize and share the best resources with the entire school

Give your students access to the tools they need

 Are you looking to use SymbalooEDU with classrooms or schools?

Then we have just the solution. With SymbalooEDU Pro you can customize and make your SymbalooEDU accessible for an entire school or district.

SymbalooEDU Pro provides you with a control panel to easily manage and distribute your content.

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  • Every school their own Symbaloo

    With SymbalooEDU Pro, every school gets their own Symbaloo on the web. As an administrator, you are in complete control of all content on this Symbaloo that you can easily share with the entire school.

  • Easy to use for everyone

    Students and teachers don’t need to login or remember passwords to use the SymbalooEDU Pro. It’s hassle-free and accessible for students, fellow teachers, and parents.

  • Powerful admin panel

    Control the content as well as the users on your premium version.

  • Advanced settings

    Determine your user settings, including: add, delete, and edit capabilities.

  • User management

    Manage users by monitoring login times and send messages to your students.

  • Symbaloo Certification

    Our online video-based certification course is included free with SymbalooEDU Pro.

Try SymbalooEDU Pro free for one year!

Give students access to the tools they need

  • One Symbaloo for the entire school
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Free Symbaloo Certification
  • Create lesson plans (available mid 2015)
Try out SymbalooEDU Proone year free

This offer expires at the 16th of February

After one year, you can always switch back to the free version of Symbaloo.

Become SymbalooEDU Certified

The Symbaloo Certification Program can be completed at your own pace and is the key learning to use SymbalooEDU efficiently in your classroom and school.

With easy-to-follow videos we teach you everything you need to know to become a SymbalooEDU Professional. Read more >>

  • More than 8 million users

  • Available on any device

  • Symbaloo Certification included