Everything you need to know about ads on Symbaloo

You are here because you probably clicked on the link “get rid of this ad” below an advertisement

Custom Domain
Your custom domain

YourURL.symbaloo.com. Set your own domain as the homepage on all your school devices. Your users don’t need accounts to view your solution (COPPA & CIPA compliant).

Advanced Settings
Your own Settings

Set user and webmix settings according to your needs. PRO features like static webmixes guarantee your content is distributed and unaltered.

User Management
Manage your users

Your students and teachers create Symbaloo accounts on your Symbaloo PRO account with your content and your settings. Webmix edits will be automatically updated.

Collaborate & Share
Collaborate & Share

Share information and assignments with your students and teachers. Add webmixes from your staff or other Symbaloo users and provide them schoolwide with a few simple clicks.


Block websites (like Facebook) and keep your students on the right track. Restrict access to your solution via IP blocking and set the login procedure with the authentication settings.


Help is never far. You can always reach us via email or Skype. Or use the support system to answer your questions immediately. We frequently hold introduction webinars. Email us for details.

We want to explain you:

  • Why you see ads
  • Which ads you can expect on Symbaloo (+ our limit)
  • YES! Symbaloo is still a safe place for students!

Symbaloo is free to use, and you will occasionally see ads.

Upgrade to Symbaloo PRO+ to get rid of ads forever! (starting at $49,-)

What kind of ads will show up on my page?

We at Symbaloo want to keep offering a free version to our users, which is possible through the use of ads. But the last thing we want is to disturb or harass our users with inappropriate ads or popups. The biggest part of our userbase is active in the educational segment. Given that, it is even more important that the ads turning up on Symbaloo are not harmful in any way. Fortunately, we can assure you that you don’t have to worry about this.

We do everything in our capabilities to only allow ads that are appropriate for all our users, including the youngest ones. We work together with big ad-networks like Adsense (the Google advertising network), which contains millions of advertisers. First of all Google has a compliance team, where the ad goes through the first inspection. The next check is at Symbaloo. We deactivated sensitive categories (gambling, dating and politics) and adult ads will certainly not appear. Last but not least, we check the ads on a daily basis. All these actions should prevent our ad servers from showing inappropriate ads. But if you feel like an ad is still not suitable, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and we will handle your concerns very seriously by taking immediate action.

Still inappropriate ads?

There is a possibility that the ads are not originating from Symbaloo. When something is downloaded on a computer, there is a chance that, during the download, something is installed with it. That can cause ads popping up or ads being inserted in your Symbaloo page, which aren’t ours.

How do you find out if an ad is or is not supposed to be on your page? Well, underneath our ads, there will always be a ‘get rid of ads’ sign. If there is no such sign, there is probably something else behind your ads.

What happens to my personal data?

As the header already says, data is personal. The data that is is generated with your Symbaloo account, like clicks or searches, will not be sold to third parties. In fact, we ourselves will not even take a look at the generated information by an individual, because that is private. We exclusively view the data from all the users as a whole, so we are able to optimize our products.

You can get Symbaloo without ads if you subscribe to the PRO version. Click on the button for more information, or read along on the page.

How do we grow as a company?

Symbaloo is a relatively young company. We would rather invest in development and growth than to achieve high profit. We are constantly working on improving our platform for our users and we take advantage of new opportunities and chances right away.

Our free Symbaloo version is perfect for private use. But for companies and schools who use Symbaloo in a professional way, we offer Symbaloo PRO, the payed version of Symbaloo. That is primarily how we keep our company on track.

Within the PRO version, there are no ads. But that’s not the only advantage you get with a PRO subscription. You get many other, very convenient, features. For example the co-creator function, which allows you to work together with colleagues in real time, or the new Learning Path integration.