Symbaloo PRO Webspaces for your Classroom

Create your online Classroom in Symbaloo! Search, organize, and share your classroom websites, tools, and resources easily with your students. Use Symbaloo in 1:1 Classrooms, Virtual learning, and Hybrid Learning!

Create your Classroom Webspace!
Add embedded videos, songs and podcasts into your webmixShare your online learning resources with your studentsHand in assignmentsCreate targeted Project-Based Learning environments for your studentsCreate a Classroom HomepageMake Virtual Learning EasierOrganize your resources

Enjoy an ad-free environment and avoid distractions

Remove distractions and keep your students engaged by providing a safe, ad-free learning environment!

Make your content easily accessible

With your own Symbaloo domain (, sharing your resources is easier than ever. Students, colleagues, and parents can access all of your published content with a single link, even without an account!


Make sure your students are safe! (COPPA-Compliance)

Symbaloo PRO is COPPA compliant. In Symbaloo PRO Webspaces, you can choose a child-safe mode, ensuring your students are safe from cookie-based ads.

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Helpful in the Classroom, and in Virtual Learning!

Symbaloo is an online tool that feels at home in both classrooms as Virtual Learning environments! Compile your resources and share them with your students. Your custom Symbaloo domain makes sure your students can access your resources from every location at every time.

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Get access to Symbaloo Learning Paths

Use the best resources to create the perfect online lesson plan. Quickly guide students through an interactive learning path and track their progress in real-time!

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Collaborate with other teachers to compile the best content on Symbaloo

Invite other teachers to collaborate with you to collect the best links and resources. You can work together in your Webspaces and Webmixes to create the perfect environment for your students.


Personalize your Homepage and Bookmarks 

Symbaloo offers a wide range of features to make your Homepage really yours! Get creative, and customize your webmixes, tabs, tiles, and more by using all Symbaloo features to it's full potential!

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