sorry, road is closed

–> Sorry for the interruption, eBay doesn’t want visitors from Symbaloo anymore.

This is why:

sorry, road is closed

eBay doesn’t support education

As you know, Symbaloo is a FREE tool for teachers.

It can be free, because our partners are very happy with the traffic that comes from Symbaloo. When you buy something, they pay a commission to Symbaloo. This is how we pay our servers and the development.

After many years, eBay suddenly stopped supporting Symbaloo

So what happened?

To keep a long story short; eBay asked us to send our visitors to their “Deals” page, because that is important to them. This became succesfull, maybe too succesful which led eBay qualifying our traffic as “non-bonafide sales”, and decided to stop supporting Symbaloo.

(read the full story below if you’re interested)

What to do to support Symbaloo?

Do you want to support Symbaloo? Add the following tiles:

Really can’t live without eBay? No worries, we won’t blame you. Click here to visit eBay.

Dollars that eBay has saved by squeezing out Symbaloo

Revenue since 2016

Ouch! That’s a lot of money for a small company like Symbaloo.

We would have loved to invest this money in our Learn Path builder, or organizing more ETK parties for teachers.

Months that Symbaloo waits for a solution

  • eBay accuses Symbaloo
  • Symbaloo contacts eBay
  • eBay refuses to talk

Partners that do support Symbaloo:


Thanks to many, many great partners we can offer Symbaloo for free.

 In case you want to know the full story

Symbaloo becomes a partner of eBay in 2008! eBay is added to the Symbaloo homepages & other properties.

Symbaloo is a valuable partner for eBay. Symbaloo users visit eBay frequently, purchase many products and eBay helps Symbaloo expanding the product financially.

As Symbaloo keeps on growing, eBay’s rewards to Symbaloo keep growing too.

eBay decides to stop the collaboration, accusing fraud on the side of Symbaloo, named Cookie-Dropping. This basically means, that Symbaloo places cookies on users devices while these users never clicked the eBay tile.

Symbaloo never performs these type of activities as it is strictly against our ideas how an open and reliable internet should be working. Contributing value to all stakeholders is the only way to succeed. Advertiser (eBay), user (you) and Symbaloo (we) all have their interests and they should be served mutually at all times.

eBay now refuses to talk to Symbaloo.

After YEARS of a fruitful collaboration which resulted in millions of revenue for eBay, they stop contributing to our free tool for teachers.

That aside, the fees they were supposed to pay to Symbaloo are frozen as well.

If you want to support Symbaloo, just add one of the tiles below.