We′ve worked very hard to make Symbaloo even more easy to use. In order tot help you we've made this list of key improvements.

What′s new

On this page you see the most important improvements, and in this video (2:06 min) the changes are explained briefly.

Easy lookup of tiles

Enter a keyword in the search bar to check if a tile already exists. Click on the tile to add it to your webmix. Do the results not match your query? Then click on “Create tile” and make your tile the way you like it.

A webmix is a set of preset tiles. You can add an empty webmix or select one from the Gallery. The Gallery contains numerous webmixes from Symbaloo users around the world.


Use the edit button to easily edit your webmix or tiles. Done editing? Then press “Done editing”.

Share a webmix

Symbaloo enables you to share your webmix with others

Do you have any other questions? Then please take a look at our FAQ's.

There will be many more improvements in the coming weeks. Please bear with us!


Discover the many exciting new webmixes in the Gallery.