Why is Symbaloo free?

SymbalooEDU is free, thanks to you!

Every time you use one of the Symbaloo tiles to purchase something online, Symbaloo receives a small commission for sending you to their online shop.

Let’s say you are going to buy a book from Amazon. You open your favorite web browser, Symbaloo opens as your homepage and you are automatically logged in (Click here if you don’t know how to do that!). You find the Amazon tile on your home webmix and decide to do some shopping. Once you have clicked the Amazon tile, the Symbaloo system let’s Amazon know that you are coming from us. You do your shopping and after check out and payment, a small percentage of the price, ~ 1%, goes to us. Now that doesn’t seem like a lot, but with our userbase growing more and more, more people navigate the web with the help of Symbaloo, helping us to keep SymbalooEDU free.

If you want to do your part keeping Symbaloo free and innovative, please support us: Use the Tile Search or Tile Browser to add your favorite websites and online shops. It will make your online life easier, keep Symbaloo free, and help us to become a better and better product.

A true win-win situation!

To get started, add the webmix below to your account and go shopping!

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Thank you for using Symbaloo!

Sincerely, Your Team Symbaloo.

If you have questions or concerns about SymbalooEDU, please Contact Us.