Sylvia Buller’s Classroom

Not only is Sylvia Buller a huge SymbalooEDU advocate but she is also an extremely talented educator. She uses her PRO account in her 4th grade classroom to help her students navigate the internet easily and safely.

Workspace examples
Workspace examples

Pam Cranford’s Classroom

Pam Cranford, a well known PD PRO, uses Symbaloo PRO in her classroom and with her colleagues! Pam has created a great set of webmixes to allow easy access for her students.


Baldwin Elementary

Baldwin Elementary School has created a fun and colorful Symbaloo PRO for elementary school children. Logos and colors make it easy for younger students to navigate the web!

Workspace examples


West Carrollton Schools

West Carrollton Schools provide their faculty and students with a well put together Symbaloo PRO organizing all of the resources needed in the district. Each school has their own webmix in the account with tiles dedicated to each teacher.

Workspace examples
Workspace examples

Skokie School District 73.5

Skokie School District 73.5 has used color blocking to easily identify grade levels on their home webmix. They have even created webmixes to keep staff informed and a special section for parents!

Rockdale ISD

Rockdale Independent School District was one of the first Symbaloo PRO accounts. A complex Symbaloo was created to allow for simple navigation amongst all classroom resources.

Workspace examples
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