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Symbaloo Workspaces, coming June 2018Are you ready?

Unfamiliar with Symbaloo?

Symbaloo was made for education. Since 2007, teachers have used our tools to collect, curate, and share the best educational content from across the web in Symbaloo Webmixes and Learning Paths. In Summer 2018, we are launching our largest update ever and we believe it will change education as we know it! Read this post to find out what we’ve built!


Over the last 10 years, Symbaloo has grown to proudly serve over 11 million users from around the world. Since our launch, we have done our best to understand how you interact with Symbaloo and we have always listened closely to “what our users want.”

But as Symbaloo moves into the future, we are reminded of a quote by Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors, who once said:

If I had listened to what people wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

As you probably know, he went on to build the automobile.

We have learned that listening to “what people want” and recognizing “what they need” are two different things. Oftentimes, the most transcendent innovations in history come from ideas that were unthinkable, at the time, to those who were most affected by them.

Over the years, we have learned that our users value things like ease of use, sharing resources, and the ability to work together with others. Our team at Symbaloo remains as committed as ever to adding new features and developing better ways to organize your online resources.

With Symbaloo’s new updates, we’re bringing it all together.

What's behind the scenes?Symbaloo brings teachers, students and resources together

Symbaloo Design Philosophy

Over years of working directly with educators, we have heard hundreds of feature requests and had productive conversations with teachers, students, tech coordinators, district administrators, and even state representatives.

Symbaloo was designed with an understanding of the needs at each level of education, while keeping the simplicity and ease-of-use that is so important to our users.

The Tech Coordinator's DreamConnecting it all together

Integrations with popular information systems

When speaking with technology coordinators and librarians, we have often heard similar feedback:
“Symbaloo is great! But I wish it were easier to get my colleagues or students on the platform.”

To assist with this, we have built new integrations with OneRoster, Classlink, Clever and IlliniCloud. By connecting with your existing system, all teacher accounts, classes, and students can be imported into Symbaloo in just a few clicks!

With Symbaloo, it has never been easier for technology leaders to save and share the best educational resources with their entire school or district.

Open Educational ResourcesSharing the Web's Best Resources, Together

The best educational resources, in one place

The amount of educational content available in today’s world is enormous. The challenge for every teacher is to connect the right content to the right student, at the right time in the learning process.

With Symbaloo Webmixes and Learning Paths it is easier than ever to find valuable new content, share it with students, and track their learning progress along the way.

Educators can use Symbaloo to save their favorite links or embed online content like videos, documents, articles, quizzes, and more!

Features made for TeachersWhat can you do with Symbaloo?

Summary: What’s New in Symbaloo?

Bring Your Resources Together
Create a Symbaloo Webmix to bookmark your favorite websites and links. Or, use Symbaloo Learning Paths to send students through a gameboard-style lesson plan with embedded web content!

Working Together
We have added new features that enable educators to work together with colleagues or students within Symbaloo. Now, you can collaborate and edit webmixes together in real-time!

Sharing Together
We have prioritized your ability to share the right content with the right person (or groups). Use private galleries and custom sharing options to ensure students get the content they need, when they need it.


Schools & Districts can now connect Symbaloo with OneRoster information systems (via Clever, Classlink, etc).

Students and classes will always remain synced!


Use the new Collaboration feature to create the best webmixes by working together in real-time with colleagues or students.

Be more productive with Symbaloo

Improved Navigation

An updated Symbaloo design makes it easier to navigate through all parts of Symbaloo.

Use Symbaloo PRO and Symbaloo Learning Paths to deliver the right content at the right time.

Vanity URL

Every teacher gets their own Symbaloo domain name ( with their Symbaloo PRO account. It’s the easiest and quickest way to share your resources!


The new Groups feature enables educators to personalize the learning experience within Symbaloo. Customize the content available for different classes or individuals.

EDU Analytics

Gain valuable insight into student progress with analytics built-in to Symbaloo Learning Paths. See how much time a student spends learning and improve the effectiveness of your lesson plans!

Bringing It Together

Dedicated to changing the face of education

The breakthroughThe era of TAILORED CONTENT
The Time is Right Now.

90% of the schools are digital

1 billion+ online resources


50% offers 1-to-1 programs

The right content, at the right time

Symbaloo was built to help move education online. We offer the best, personalized and open educational resources on a safe and secure cloud-based platform.

With the help of teachers and educators everywhere, Symbaloo has become one of the top EdTech tools in the world. Our goal is to continue serving the globe’s best educators and to inspire learning at every turn.

Join us on our mission to bring the world’s educational content together.

Symbaloo: Bringing It All Together