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The Klaasroom: A word with our CEO.

In The Klaasroom, we have a word with Symbaloo's CEO, Klaas Lameijer. In this series of posts, Klaas gives his vision on the education space, and how Symbaloo is part of that.

Why and how did we build Symbaloo?

Survival is the highest priority in life. That’s why our brain is wired that way. It prefers to repeat actions to have consistent predictable results.

We all know that learning has to have relevance to be effective but what’s even more important is the convenience of our brain to have a recognizable and repeating structure. A consistent way to learn one structure from kindergarten until the end of high school. 

In the current structure, every teacher is using their own way and experience to deliver content. Students have to follow all those different ways of delivering and utilizing the thousands of different possibilities.

Schools have created consistent platforms for the organizational side, grading, schedules, etc. But they forgot and missed out on the most important part: the consistent delivery of content.

That’s why we built Symbaloo as a consistent content delivery platform that offers learners the most important thing: consistency for survival.

The power of personalization.

If we buy a new car it smells new, looks new but new is general and doesn’t give us a way to express who we are. So we buy extras and choose a color for our car. The more we personalize it, the more it becomes ours! That is the same with Symbaloo. The more personal content you put into your Symbaloo, the more it becomes yours. It’s an album of your online life! 

It’s not only efficient, but it’s giving you control and familiarity. No matter what computer you’re using, your complete online life is still in the cloud waiting for you to access it again.

Being on the same page is a priority for every organization.

It is a well-known expression but needed for everything in life. In sports, work, or school we need to be or at least start on the same page. The most important part is that everyone has the same or sufficient information to feel comfortable to deliver good results on any assignment. Making sure the team has what it needs to be successful on the mission is what creates progress. It all starts with being on the same page. The same page being Symbaloo, of course!


Klaas Lameijer - CEO @ Symbaloo


I am Klaas, CEO of Symbaloo. When we launched Symbaloo in the USA, I was a newbie in the Education space. Now, being ten years in, I can call myself a veteran.

During that ten years, Symbaloo has helped thousands of teachers and millions of students in the USA by creating visual online lesson plans and online classrooms.

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