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Search, Organize, and Share Websites, Bookmarks, Web Tools, Documents, and Favorites in Symbaloo. Your Personal Homepage and Bookmark Manager.

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Symbaloo Webspaces for Education

Manage and distribute personalized content to your students. Set up your school homepage so students can access your resources easily.

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Symbaloo Bookmark Manager

Make your online life easier by bookmarking your favorite websites, videos, documents, articles, and more in Symbaloo!

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Content Curation for Businesses

Organize your business with Symbaloo! Curate your files and web tools for easy access, and share them with your team or company.

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Learn the Basics of the Symbaloo Homepage and Bookmark Manager

Learn how Symbaloo works for you as a Homepage or Bookmark Manager in a few short videos.

Learn the Basics

Content that helps you enjoy Symbaloo even more.

5 Steps to Set Up Your New Symbaloo Webspace

Learn to set up your New Symbaloo Webspace in 5 Steps. Try this step-by-step plan to get a headstart on Webspaces, and discover use cases that suit your classroom.

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44 Best One-to-One (1:1) Classroom Learning Tools

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90+ Historical Figures that Shaped Asian and American History

The Periodic Table of AAPI History recognizes and celebrates important historical figures across professions and generations.

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Webmixes vs Webspaces: What is the difference?

Learn about the differences between Webmixes and Webspaces and how we recommend using them.


Share your bookmarks in multiple ways

Symbaloo offers you a wide range of options to share your resources with students, colleagues, and friends. Share your Webmixes via a private link, on a Symbaloo Webspace, in our Webmix Library, or via social media.   

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Learn how to set up your 1:1 Classroom, and Virtual Libraries in Symbaloo.

What is a One to One Classroom, and why do I need it?

Learn more about 1:1 Classrooms, why you need it, how they accelerate learning, and how to use them to your advantage. 

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5 Steps for Implementing a One-to-One Classroom successfully

Learn how to successfully implement a one-to-one classroom model in five steps. An increasing number of schools and districts have adopted 1:1 technology to aid classrooms, discover how they work for you!

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What is a Virtual Library, and How Can I Use Them in My School?

Virtual Libraries are the future. Learn what virtual libraries are, their benefits, their Role in education, and the challenges that librarians have to overcome


Creating Virtual Library Spaces For Blended Learning

Learn how district teacher librarian and Future Ready Librarian spokesperson, Shannon McClintock Miller, creates virtual library spaces to benefit blended learning and all learners.

Import your Bookmarks in a few clicks

Get started with Symbaloo. Use the Bookmark Importer in your Symbaloo account settings to quickly transfer your favorites from any web browser.

Import my Bookmarks

Install Symbaloo Apps and Extensions to make browsing the internet even easier.

Symbaloo Homepage & Search Extension

The Symbaloo Homepage and Search add-on is an easy-to-use tool to set your browser's Homepage and new tab. It is a helpful tool to always start your browsing with Symbaloo.

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Symbaloo Bookmarker

The Symbaloo bookmarker is an easy-to-use add-on for your browser. It helps you to add new bookmarks to your webmixes as you browse the web.

Mobile App

Symbaloo Mobile Apps

With this app, it's even more fun to use Symbaloo! All your favorite websites are automatically synchronized with your smartphone. The app is available for IOS and Android.

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Bringing It Together


Your Personal Homepage

Symbaloo is the #1 Homepage for all internet users. Search, Organize, and Share your favorite Websites, Bookmarks, Web Tools, Documents, and Favorites in Symbaloo.   

Symbaloo helps to organize your online life for one-click access. Create your own Personal Homepage by simply adding your favorite links to Symbaloo. Store all your favorite online resources in webmix collections, and links in so-called tiles. Master all Symbaloo features to personalize your webmixes and tiles.

Install the Homepage and Search Extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to set Symbaloo as your standard Startpage. Your browser will launch Symbaloo as soon as you open it.   

The Homepage and Search Extension also offer you an enhanced Search experience. The Symbaloo Search adds a button to all search results to add the website to your Startpage. Additionally, the Homepage and search Extension add news articles to your new tabs, so you are on top of the latest news!

Bookmark Manager

Symbaloo is the #1 Bookmark Manager for Educators and Personal users. Easily add a link in Symbaloo to never lose the link again. 

Symbaloo has created the Symbaloo Bookmarker Extension to make bookmarking even easier. The Bookmarker adds a little icon in your browser when installed. Click the icon when you are on a web page to add to your Symbaloo. Select the Webmix you want to add it to, and you are done. Without leaving the current page, you have added a new Bookmark to Symbaloo. There a multiple ways to use the Bookmarker. Learn how to use the bookmarker here!  

Organize your bookmarks easily in Symbaloo. Add new Webmixes in tabs, create groups, and add markers to your Webmixes to easily find the websites you need!

Bookmark Importer

Use the Bookmark Importer in your Symbaloo account settings to quickly transfer your favorites from any web browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. Simply export the bookmarks from your browser and upload the .html file in Symbaloo.  

Import favorites to your Symbaloo account to ensure you never lose your bookmarks by saving them in our secure online platform. You can log in and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Each bookmark imported will be saved as a tile. If you have different folders with bookmarks, Symbaloo will separate your bookmarks into different webmixes in your Symbaloo account. Click here to try the Symbaloo Bookmark Importer.  

Symbaloo Mobile Apps

Next to our desktop Homepage, Symbaloo also has created Mobile App for your phone or tablet. The Symbaloo App gets your Symbaloo experience to your phone or tablet. Start simple with your favorite websites, bookmarks, and online tools.