3 Ways to use the Symbaloo Bookmarker

3 Ways to Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker

The Symbaloo Bookmarker is an easy-to-use extension for your browser. With the Bookmarker, you can quickly save articles and websites in Symbaloo while browsing. Download the Symbaloo bookmarker and add your favorite websites and articles easily to your personal homepage.

Below, you will find three of the most common ways that Symbaloo Bookmarker is being used.


1. Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker to add your favorite websites to your homepage

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2. Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker to save interesting articles for later notice

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3. Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker to prepare a "Shopping Wish List"

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1.  Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker to add your favorite websites to your homepage

If you are opening your browser, most of the time, you already know what you are intending to do. Many of us visit frequent many of the same sites each day!

Would it be helpful to have all of your favorite websites available to you as soon as you open your browser? Start creating your perfect homepage and add your favorite sites along the way with the Symbaloo Bookmarker!


2. Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker to save interesting articles for later

With the fast pace of browsing these days, you may often come across interesting articles, recipes, or information that you just want to save for later.

The bookmarking extension allows you to easily save these pages on your Symbaloo webmix in seconds.

Tip: It can also be very helpful for compiling a reference list for a paper, essay, or thesis!

3. Use the Symbaloo Bookmarker to prepare a "Shopping Wish List"

How often do you find a product you really like, but it just isn’t the right time (or price) to buy yet? Save the product page to your webmix with the Symbaloo Bookmarker!

By adding your favorites to a webmix, you will be able to keep better track of your wish list and pinpoint the perfect time to buy. Make sure you don’t miss out on the best Black Friday and holiday season deals!


Download the Symbaloo Bookmarker for your browser!

With the Symbaloo Bookmarker, you can add a tile to your Symbaloo homepage without even leaving the webpage. It is available as a free extension on the largest and most trusted web browsers. You can only use the Bookmarker if you have a Symbaloo account. Don't have an account, yet? Create one here!

Click on your browser logo below to view the download page.

Google Chrome

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Mozilla Firefox

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Microsoft Edge

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Looking for some great, premade Symbaloo content? See this shopping webspace for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a selection of tiles for the holiday season. Click on the image to add the webspace to your Symbaloo Homepage!


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