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Make a Webmix your own


Claim a Webmix as your own

Sometimes you find this great webmix from the Symbaloo Library, but you want to remove or add just a few resources to make it entirely your own. Well, shall I copy and paste all resources I want, or is there an other solution? 

Luckily, Symbaloo thought of this problem before. You can easily get a Webmix from our Library and make it your own with Symbaloo's 'Claim Webmix'-funtion.

In this blog post, we'll explain how you do that!


1. Search for a Webmix in the Symbaloo Webmix Library

You find the Webmix Library in the righ top corner of the Symbaloo homescreen, at the profile drop-down menu. 

Search for a keyword of choose a category and filter to find your best fit.

2. Stop following the Webmix

Click the Webmix tools above the Webmix, you'll see the unfollow-button under the Webmix rating. 


3. Edit and enjoy the Webmix!

After unfollowing the Webmix, it is available for editing immediately. It sticks to your tabs and you can find them in your webmixes too. 

You now created a copy of your own webmix. Edit it to your liking and share it with a new URL if you want to. Also, remember to rename it to avoid confusion!

Note: If you want to make someone else’s webmix your “own” and the webmix is already added to your account, you can start with step 2.

You can add Webmixes to your Symbaloo form the Library without an account. However, by creating a Symbaloo account, you can also claim a Webmix as your own and edit it further to your preferences!

Thank you for using Symbaloo and have a great day!

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