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Simplified Sharing in Symbaloo


Simplified Sharing in Symbaloo

In January 2021, we released a platform update to make sharing easier for all Symbaloo users. The functionality of the ‘Share’ button, which appears at the top-center of Symbaloo, was redesigned to be more clear and intuitive.


Private Sharing

Sharing your webmixes privately is similar to Google Docs and other web document tools. When you click the ‘Share’ button at the top of the page, a blue synchronize mark appears, and your webmix is automatically assigned its own unique URL. You can copy the link yourself and paste it anywhere, or, click a different icon to post your link on various social platforms. Only those with the unique link will have access to your webmix.

Public Sharing (“Share in Gallery”)

Symbaloo also encourages users to share webmixes in the Symbaloo Gallery; a public library of webmixes that can be accessed by any user. Sharing your webmix here allows others to find your webmix using the search function on Symbaloo. Symbaloo users can access your webmix and use them as their own. You can easily recognize whether your webmix is shared in the Gallery, by the blue check mark.

Ensure your webmix is easily found by adding a description and any relevant tags or keywords related to your content!


More Information

To use sharing within Symbaloo, you must have an account with a verified email address. Don’t have one yet? Create a free account today!

If you experience any issues or require assistance, please contact Symbaloo Support and we will do our best to help you promptly.

Thank you for using Symbaloo and have a great day!

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