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5 Tips to Organize your Webmix


5 Tips to Organize your Webmixes effectively

There are dozens of ways to organize your webmixes in Symbaloo. In this blog post, we'll give you five tips that enhance your Symbaloo experience and makes managing your Webmixes even easier!

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1. Move a tile to another Webmix

To move a tile to another Webmix, you can right-click on the tile to access the edit menu and then select 'Copy / Move'. But there is another, faster way: You can drag the tile you want to move and drop it over the Webmix tab. Voilà, you moved the tile to the other Webmix. In some cases, the buttons in the top center will light up red when trying to perform this action. That means you can not place the tile on that Webmix. Either because the Webmix is locked and you can't edit it, or it is an RSS Webmix that does not allow regular tiles.

2. Move a Webmix

If you want to change the order of your Webmix tabs or the webmixes in the sidebar menu, you can do that easily. Go to the Webmix you want to move and use the drag & drop method to place the Webmix where you want.

Note: The same concept works for the order your webmixes in the sidebar menu on the left.


3. Add a Webmix icon

Add an icon to your Webmix to better find your resources. Click on the Options button above your Webmix and then on 'Webmix tab settings' to select different icons and colors.

4. Shortcuts

Move quickly through your Symbaloo by using these keyboard combinations.

  1. Shift + W: Show my Webmix sidebar
  2. Shift + O: Show my Webmix settings sidebar
  3. Shift + S: Show share options
  4. Shift + H: Go to Home tab (first tab or tab set in settings)
  5. Shift + N: Add new Webmix screen

Note: The shortcuts don't work when your cursor is in the Google search


5. Rename your Webmix

If you double click on a Webmix tab, you go instantly to the Webmix options and change the name quickly.

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