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Play, Learn, and Earn:

Learn the Symbaloo Basics in a Game-Environment!

Have more FUN discovering Symbaloo!

In 2022, we are thrilled to introduce missions, achievements, and levels in Symbaloo! As you use the platform, you can earn points to level up, ascend our leaderboard, and be awarded badges to display on your Symbaloo profile.

New users will have the functionality enabled automatically and existing users can navigate to profile settings to enable badges and start earning today.

Keep reading below to learn more about missions, achievements, and levels!

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The missions are designed to learn and enjoy the Symbaloo platform step-based approach. While enjoying the missions, you as a user know more about the Symbaloo platform and its functions. Symbaloo users will learn the essential tasks at first, while the difficulty of using the parts will gradually increase until you have learned all the Symbaloo skills you need!

Several missions are on the platform now, and we will gradually add more.


Every action you do at the platform, like adding a tile, completing a mission, or sharing your webmix, can be rewarded with achievements. You can show off your achievements in the showcase that is shown in your public profile and share them on your socials!



How are your Symbaloo skills? Become a Symbaloo master by completing missions, creating webmixes, and adding tiles on the Symbaloo platform to level up!


Compare your Symbaloo score with your friends! For every action you do at Symbaloo, you will be awarded points. These points are added to each other to give you a weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboard!


Start the FUN!

You can start the gamification by setting up your profile in the profile section. The missions, achievements, and levels will work from that moment. If the gamification is not your thing. You can always turn it off by clicking the gamification toggle in the profile section.

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