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Symbaloo as Homepage and Search

Always start with your favorite homepage and search

Always start with your favorite homepage and search

The Symbaloo Homepage and Search add-on is an easy-to-use tool to set your browser's homepage and a new tab for your browser. It is a helpful tool to always start your browsing with Symbaloo.

Setting your favorite homepage has never been easier. Every time you launch your browser, you can directly use your favorite and most used tiles by just installing the add-on. With the New Tab feature, you can now search via Symbaloo. In the future, new integrations will be added for even better and easier surfing. This will make your online life easier and help you keep your favorite websites and resources in one place, accessible at any time, on any device.

How do I use the Symbaloo Homepage and Search?

After installing the add-on, the Symbaloo icon will appear in the top right corner of your browser. It will work directly. The first time you start your browser, it will ask if you wanted Symbaloo as your Homepage. Click it is what you expected. If you open a new tab, it will ask the same question that you can agree to.

Once logged in, you can save your current page as a tile by clicking the Symbaloo Bookmarker extension, choosing a Webmix, and clicking the green button.

Save, organize and share your favorite online resources on your personal startpage!Collect and organize your favorite resourcesUse, tabs, folders, colors, labels, custom backgrounds, and much moreOpen a new tab and instantly start searching

Install the Symbaloo Homepage and Search add-on on your browser