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Symbaloo Change Log 2022


Change log November 30, 2022

Version 3.46.17

Webspace Sign Up Setup
We have added a wizard that helps you set up your Webspace right after you started your subscription.

Webspace landing pages clean up
We have merged our pages "about/teacher", "about/school", "about/district" into one general page "/webspaces"

Subscription Settings page changes
It will now only show the top-level Webspace of your active subscriptions.

Invoice page fix
Fixed an issue with the Pay-button sometimes not appearing for invoices.

Change log November 23, 2022

Version 3.46.16

Webspace Settings menu
We have tweaked the menu to correctly show items based on your subscription type.

Improved loading states
The loading state for each screen has been improved and made consistent.

Change log November 16, 2022

Version 3.46.15

Webspace Web filters interface changes
We have made it easier to add web filters to your Webspace by adding more information and updating the user interface elements.

Webspace Authentication interface changes
We have made it easier to change the way a user can log into your Webspace using Symbaloo accounts or external account login. Social buttons have been added with their respective colors and logo's to help you choose the right ones.

Video unit added to homepages larger than 1420 pixels
For larger screens a video advertising unit is added instead of the normal rectangle

Fix for Newsletter subscribers
We made a fix that should ensure that people can (un)subscribe better to various newslettter lists and get better email from Symbaloo

Change log November 8, 2022

Version 3.46.14

Let vouchers codes be used on different products/subscriptionsWe can offer our PRO users now vouchers codes, that can be used on different subscriptions. So on Classroom, Library, School or even Districts Webspaces.

Change log November 1, 2022

Version 3.46.13

Fix: Saving account settings gives not found error
Saving your account sometimes gave an error. This is now fixed.

Change upgrade period calculation to remaining days instead of months
When upgrading your Webspace subscription, the upgrade period is now acurately calculated in days you have left on the current subscription instead of in months.

Change log October 25, 2022

Version 3.46.12

Fix: The Widget tile of the horoscope widget didn't work correctly anymore, this was fixed.

Fix: Upgrade org.apache.commons:commons-text:1.8 to 1.10
There was a vulnerability discovered in the sourcecode of org.apache.commons:commons-text:1.8. We upgraded our code to patch this.