Privacy & Trust Center

Find out more about how Symbaloo protects personal information and user data.

Our Promise to Educators

At Symbaloo, we hold the trust and security of our users in the highest regard. We are committed to safeguarding all data and personal information provided to us through protective policies and internal procedures.

Our platform is designed to collect only minimal data and, in most cases, we store no personally identifiable information from website visitors.


Protecting Student Data

Symbaloo's standard operating procedure does not require the collection of any personally identifiable information or student data. Account holders are generally educators or school administrators who will publish content to publicly available links for student interaction.

We are committed to the Student Privacy Pledge. Any personal student information is used exclusively for authorized educational and school-related purposes, ensuring data is never used beyond these essential functions. In most cases, student user data is not collected nor stored. 

Symbaloo does not sell personal student information or distribute it in any other way.