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The Basics of Symbaloo Webspaces

Did you create a Symbaloo Webspace? Learn how to utilize it here!

Welcome to Symbaloo Webspaces!

Learn how to create a Symbaloo Webspace and get your own custom Symbaloo URL. It is the easiest way to share your resources with students, parents, and colleagues.

Don't you have a Symbaloo Webspace? Create a FREE one here!

If you are looking to learn the fundamentals of Symbaloo first before creating a Webspace, check out this page!

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How to publish a Webmix on your Webspace

Learn the basics of Symbaloo Webspaces, including how to publish Webmixes to your own Symbaloo URL!

The Webspace Dashboard

Learn about the Symbaloo Webspace Dashboard and all the useful information available to you.


Webspace settings in the Webspace Dashboard

Learn about Symbaloo Webspace Settings, including how to customize your Webspace, add users or administrators, and set security parameters.

I am looking for the fundamentals

Are Symbaloo Webspaces not for you? Check out the Symbaloo fundamentals on this page. 

Learn the Fundamentals


Visit our YouTube channel to find more in-depth tutorial videos.  

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Symbaloo Getting Started Guide

We have compiled all our features and how to use them in this Google Slideshow. Take a look!  

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Symbaloo Helpdesk

Is your solution or issue not on our YouTube or User Guide? Please leave a ticket to our dedicated Support Team!

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