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Create digital lessons using the best online material for free with Symbaloo Learning Paths. Guide quick students through more difficult pathways. Track your students’ progress using real-time statistics.

Creating Learning Paths

You can use Symbaloo Learning Paths to create a gaming-style virtual lesson plan; using the best educational resources. Tile by tile, create pathways for students so they may learn at their own speed.

You’re able to change the route of the Learning Path by adjusting the arrows in any direction when creating tiles. Simply add videos, documents, questions, articles, and educational games that guide students through custom Learning Paths from start to finish.


Personalizing Learning Paths

Not every student learns at the same pace. Some students require additional explanation on a particular topic and some simply need additional challenges.

By adding questions to your Learning Paths, you can test whether the student has understood the material. If the student answers the question correctly, they are able to continue. With an incorrect answer, you have the ability to write in an explanation for the student as to why their answer is incorrect before having a second attempt at the question.

Students will learn the material at their own speed. There is also the ability to add in additional learning material around the pathway for students to have further explanations.

Symbaloo Learning Paths live example

Real-time Statistics

Built-in analytics tools gather insightful data and improve learning outcomes while students enjoy an engaging learning environment.

How long has a student been working on each step? What questions were often answered incorrectly, and who needs extra help? The built-in grading tool helps students and teachers evaluate and archive results from multiple Learning Paths.



In the Symbaloo Learning Paths Marketplace, you will find lessons that are published by other educators. Save time by using shared Learning Paths available for any topic, standard, or grade level.

You can use a Learning Path directly, or first add it to your account to make adjustments.

There’s More…

There are many additional features added to make Symbaloo Learning Paths easy to use in the classroom.

For example, a student simply needs to enter a 5-digit code on learningpaths.symbaloo.com to join and begin with the learning path. You can also set a deadline for the assignment to be completed.

To continue your personalized teaching approach, you can choose different themes for each Learning Path. You are also able to upload your own documents and even draw pictures with the built-in drawing module.


Make your Symbaloo Learning Paths experience even better with Symbaloo PRO!