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Symbaloo in 2020: What's New, Cool and Remote

Symbaloo in 2020: What's New, Cool and Remote

There have been a lot of cool, new changes on Symbaloo recently. With remote learning happening everywhere in 2020, innovative educators are also finding new ways to use their webmixes and learning paths every day.

To help explain some of the latest updates and innovations, we secured a true professional. Watch Leslie Fisher, Edtech conference speaker and trainer, as she hosts this free Symbaloo webinar: what’s new, cool and remote!

In about an hour, you will learn how Symbaloo can assist with your remote, hybrid, and virtual learning needs. In addition, you’ll see the latest updates and optimizations to the Tile Search and Symbaloo Webspaces!

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  • October 16, 2020 21 : 00 : PM #1 Symbaloo in 2020: What's New, Cool and Remote

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Leslie Fisher

Leslie Fisher

Ed Tech Conference Presenter and Trainer

Leslie is the Director of Fisher Technologies Inc and lesliefisher.com. She specializes in K-12 edtech conference presentation and professional development services. In a normal year, Leslie will usually present at over 30 education conferences! With fewer events happening these days, we are feeling very fortunate to have secured her time for a Symbaloo webinar.