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Uploading documents and videos into Symbaloo


Uploading documents into Symbaloo

We have had a lot of users wanting to upload documents, spreadsheets, and videos to Symbaloo. Unfortunately, there is no way to upload any file straight from your computer to Symbaloo. However, you can upload all of your .doc, .xcl, and .mov files to Google Drive and YouTube and embed them into your Symbaloo! 

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How to upload documents from Google Drive

Do you want to embed documents into your Symbaloo Webmix or Webspace? That's easily done when the document, spreadsheet or presentation is in Google Drive. Follow these steps to make it happen:

  1. Create a Google Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Form.
  2. Make sure all users with the link can access or change the content.
  3. Copy the link in Symbaloo.

YouTube videos in Symbaloo

Apart from documents, presentation, spreadsheets and forms, you can also embed YouTube videos in your Symbaloo Webmix. Make it happens by following these steps:

  1. Find the right YouTube Video
  2. Copy the Link
  3. Paste the Link in Symbaloo

More Information

Every user can embed files and videos in Symbaloo. However, having an account offers even more advantages! Don’t have one yet? Create a free account today!

If you experience any issues or require assistance, please contact Symbaloo Support and we will do our best to help you promptly.

Thank you for using Symbaloo and have a great day!

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