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Embed a Webmix in a Webmix


How to embed a Webmix in a Webmix

Did you know that you can embed a Webmix within your Webmix? This can be helpful if you have a lot of webmixes and want to organize. You can make entire webmixes filled with tiles to other webmixes in our free and paid versions. When your users open a Tile, it will open up that Webmix in their account.

Try it on

First, go to the webmix that you wish to embed and select the share feature.

The link to your webmix must come from the share window in order to work.

Then go back to the webmix that you want to embed to, and create a tile.


Now, this tile will open up your webmix directly in your account.

More Information

Every account can add tiles to other webmixes on their homepage. However, having an account offers even more advantages. Don’t have one yet? Create a free account today!

If you experience any issues or require assistance, please contact Symbaloo Support and we will do our best to help you promptly.

Thank you for using Symbaloo and have a great day!

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