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How to Create your Online Classroom for Blended Learning in 4 Simple Steps

How to Create your Online Classroom for Blended Learning in 4 Simple Steps

The separation between your classroom and online education has faded over the last few years. With the coming of online educational tools, technology and your classroom are intertwined. You can help your students effectively by ensuring that all the resources they need are nicely put together in your online classroom. Learn here how you can set up your online classroom in 4 simple steps.

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Learn to set up your Symbaloo Webspace in 5 Steps

1. Store Resources in your online classroom

As education is shifting from a fact-based approach to an appliance-based approach, the importance of having your resources ready at the right moment has increased. Therefore, a library of online resources is key to an online classroom.

Gather and save links

As the knowledge that is published on the internet is growing by the minute, it becomes increasingly harder to refind information. Especially when that information is on some deep link in an extensive website, by saving and gathering information, articles, and web tools in your online classroom, students will have an easier time finding the resources they need to thrive.

Embed Online Documents for easy access

  Of course, not all resources your students need are on websites. On some topics, educators want to take matters into their own hands and use their documents in their classrooms. Use the power of personalization in the following types of documents:

  • Custom assignments
  • Save and share resources from the Deep Web
  • Syllabi

Set To-do lists in your Online Classroom

Ensure that your students know what to do when entering your online classroom. As you probably know, students are easily distracted by other content, especially if they are from K-12. Keep them on track by setting a To-do list in your Online Classroom.


2. Organize your Online Classroom

Your online classroom is useless if no one can find what they need there. Therefore, organizing your online classroom is just as important as its content. Create a well-organized overview in your online classroom.

Group resources per topic or subject

Is your wardrobe a mess? Good luck finding those favorite socks of yours. It becomes a lot easier already when everything is organized by category. The same goes for your resources. By grouping them, finding the correct file, article, or website will be easier and quicker!

Make the most important resources stand out

Some resources are more critical to your students than others. Therefore, finding those resources should be as easy as 1-2-3. To make them stand out, you can put them in the most prominent place or mark them with colors.

3. Make your Online Classroom easily accessible

After gathering and organizing the things your audience needs, you need a way for your audience can access your resources effectively. If you have put that much effort into creating an online classroom where everybody can find all things in a few moments, nothing is more inefficient than your audience having a hard time finding your online classroom. Therefore, it is vital to make your resources easily accessible.

Link to your Online Classroom

A link to your online classroom is an easy way to ensure that everybody can access it, click the link and enter. But claiming your domain is even better. Users can easily remember and enter the link in the browser bar by customizing the domain name. Or save the link to your domain in the bookmark bar at the top of your students' browsers.

Take privacy into account

When your online classroom is ready to go, there is a chance that some resources are privately owned and not suitable for all eyes on the internet. Guarantee your privacy and that of your students by adding email addresses to your online classroom so only they can see and access your online classroom.


4. Utilize your Resources for Blended Learning

Bring your lesson plans to your online classroom, and utilize blended learning within your classroom.

How to bring Blended Learning into your classroom

Put the deep links your students need on a Symbaloo Webmix or Webspace, and ask them to click the link you presented. While your students are digging deep into the assignment, you can give some more time to the students needing extra help.

Gamify your Online Classroom with Learning Paths

  Bring your online classroom even more to life by gamifying your Lesson Plans. Use the Symbaloo Learning Paths tool to present your lesson plan and content to your students in a game environment.   

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