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Claim your Symbaloo URL

When you create a new Symbaloo Webspace, you can claim your Symbaloo URL (e.g., This URL makes accessing your essential resources easy for all students, teachers, and parents.

See for yourself by visiting one of these awesome Webspaces:

Add embedded videos, songs, and podcasts into your webmixEmbed Online Presentations, Docs, Or SpreadsheetsMake students search safely

Set Symbaloo as Homepage on your Library Computers.

With your Symbaloo domain (, sharing your resources is easier than ever. Set Symbaloo as a Homepage on your library computers to ensure your computers are used how they should be!

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Share Resources, Books, Journals, Videos, and Sounds!

By creating your virtual library in Symbaloo, you can share books, videos, sounds, journals, and online documents as well! You can embed them in Symbaloo or link your students to suitable learning materials.

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Create a Powerful Platform to Enhance Learning

Virtual libraries are ideal for sharing your library resources easily with your teachers and students. Encourage your teachers to combine Virtual Libraries with 1:1 Classrooms to bundle their power!

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No Student-Accounts needed & No Student Data Collection

With an open Symbaloo Webspace, every user can access your Webspace. Students can access the resources they need for their education without an account. Symbaloo does not collect any student data. Read more about student privacy in our privacy policy. You change settings in the Webspace Dashboard

Free-to-Use Set-up Guide.

Use this free-to-use guide to set up your Virtual Library effectively. Or watch this webinar by Shannon Miller: Creating Virtual Library Spaces for Blended Learning

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