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Webspace Dashboard


Manage your Webspace with the Webspace Dashboard!

The NEW Webspace Dashboard makes it easier to set-up Symbaloo PRO and manage important settings. Use the dashboard to see a subscription overview, Webspace usage, or manage users & admins. Some features may be restricted on free PRO Webspaces.

To access your Webspace Dashboard. Go to your Symbaloo PRO Subscription in your top right menu. Then navigate to the Webspace you want to manage. Click the right button to access the Webspace Dashboard.

Or navigate to your Webspace URL followed by /dashboard (e.g.

Child-Safe Mode

Child-Safe Mode

Activate Child-Safe Mode if your Webspace serves users under the age of 13. This setting will disable some features, but will ensure full compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States.

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