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Manage your Symbaloo Webspace with the Webspace Dashboard


Manage your Symbaloo Webspace with the Webspace Dashboard

The NEW Webspace Dashboard makes it easier to set-up Symbaloo Webspaces and manage important settings. Use the dashboard to see a subscription overview, Webspace usage, or manage users & admins. Take a look at our plans to see which plan suits you best. Some features may be restricted on Free Webspaces.  

Watch this video about the Webspace Dashboard, or read furter below the video on accessing the Dashboard, its features, and settings


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Accessing the Webspace Dashboard

To access your Webspace Dashboard. Go to the Webspace you want to manage. Above the Webmix, you will see the Webmix tools. You will see the button' Dashboard' on the left side of the Webmix tools. Click it, and off you go!

Another way to access the Webspace Dashboard is by accessing your Symbaloo Subscription in your top right menu. Then navigate to the Webspace you want to manage. Click the right button to access the Webspace Dashboard.

Or navigate to your Webspace URL followed by /Dashboard (e.g.,

Subscription Details

In the Webspace Dashboard, you can find all the details of your Symbaloo subscription. You can find the subscription that you are in, upgrade to other plans, and find information about your subscription usage.

Subscription & Pageview Limit

Every Symbaloo subscription has a number Ad-Free Pageviews included. The Dashboard shows the number of pageviews included in your Symbaloo subscription and how many you have used this month.

Based on these statistics, Symbaloo recommends the right plan for you. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any moment.
Take a look on our Webspace plans here:
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Features in the Webspace Dashboard

In the Webspace Dashboard, you will find several features that help you to set up your Webspace.

Webspace Administrators

Webspace Administrators can make changes to the Webmixes featured on the Webspace and change the settings of the Webspace in the Webspace Dashboard.

Read more about Webspace Administrators here:
➡️ How to Manage Webspace Administrators
➡️ How do I add a collaborator on a Webmix?

Webspace Users

Webspace users are Symbaloo Accounts that have access to your Webspace. You can require a login for your Webspace users to secure your Webspace from outsiders.

Connected Webspaces

Connected Webspaces are Webspaces that hang below an overarching Webspace. At the same time, you can use the overarching Webspace for all common resources that all students, teachers, or parents use at your school. The Connected Webspaces are underlying Webspaces teachers can use to tailor resources to their classrooms and students.

Read more on Connected Webspaces here:
➡️ How to Enjoy Connected Webspaces to its Fullest


Safety & Privacy Settings

The Webspace Dashboard offers some safety and privacy settings that guarantee the security of the content on your Webspace and the Webspace users. Learn more about these features below.

Child-Safe Mode

Activate Child-Safe Mode if your Webspace serves users under the age of 13. This setting will disable some features but will ensure full compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States.

Read more about the Child-Safe Mode in this article:
➡️ How Does Child-Safe Mode Work?

Require Login

With the required login feature, you can ask your Webspace users to log in before they have access to your Webspace. Use this feature if you have sensitive information or content on your Webspace, such as personal information or links to your business documents and reports.


With IP-Blocking, you can include or exclude specific IP addresses from accessing your Webspace, such as only allowing computers on your Webspace that have access to the wifi of your school or business.

Read more on IP-Blocking:
➡️ How do I enable Web filters and IP-Blocking?

Web filters

You can manage the content shared on your Webspace by enabling Web filters. You can choose specific topics of which links are disabled when they are present on your Webspace, such as adult content, guns, and games.

Read more on Web filters:
➡️ How do I enable Web filters and IP-Blocking?

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