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Symbaloo Webspaces for your Library

Create your online library in Symbaloo! Search, organize, snd share your library resources easily with your colleagues and students. 

Create your Library Webspace!

Learn to set up your Symbaloo Webspace in 5 Steps

Create a Library HomepageOrganize books and informationMake students search safely

Enjoy an ad-free environment and avoid distractions

Remove distractions and keep your students engaged by providing a safe, ad-free learning environment!

The Symbaloo PRO Library version provides ad-free 20,000 pageviews per month, which is comes to 40 pageviews per student per month for the average public school.


Set Symbaloo as Homepage on your Library computers

With your own Symbaloo domain (, sharing your resources is easier than ever. Set Symbaloo as a Homepage on your library computers to make sure your computers are used how they should be!


Keep Students Safe while Searching & COPPA Compliancy

The Symbaloo Safesearch makes sure your students cannot search for words, which could be harmful to them! The Safesearch filters bad words out and leads students to an unharmful search term. 

Symbaloo is COPPA-Compliant. Turn on the Child-Safe Mode for students under 13 years of age in the Webspace dashboard to ensure your students are safe!

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Connect your fellow Librarians to collaborate

Invite other librarians to collaborate with you to collect the best links and resources. Manage the Webspace coƶrdinators easily in the Webspace Dashboard. 


Organize your resources and books by topic or grade

Symbaloo PRO Webspaces allows you to organize your library as never before. You can manage your resources and books by topic, category, or grade!

Learn how Future Ready Librarian Shannon Miller has set up her Symbaloo Webspace to create Virtual Library Spaces for Blended Learning in her Symbaloo Webinar.

Learn how to set up your library space!

Personalize your Homepage and Bookmarks 

Symbaloo offers a wide range of features to make your Homepage really yours! Get creative, and customize your webmixes, tabs, tiles, and more by using all Symbaloo features to it's full potential!

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Try Symbaloo Webspaces Library version for free for 3 months.

Create your Library Webspace!

Learn to set up your Symbaloo Webspace in 5 Steps

Virtual library

Create your virtual Library in Symbaloo. Curate, manage and distribute valuable resources within your Library. Set Symbaloo as a Homepage on your Library computers for instant access. You can organize all your resources by topic, category, or grade. Learn how Shannon Miller set up her Webspace to create Virtual Library spaces for Blended Learning in this Webinar