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With Symbaloo PRO, educators have more control over their content and resource management.

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Symbaloo PRO

Symbaloo brings together...

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Anything with a web link can be stored on Symbaloo! You can also use the Learning Paths tool to make your own online lesson plans with embedded quizzes, articles, and more!

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Symbaloo is a web-based platform that is accessible with any device from home, at school, or on-the-go!

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Educators have full control over when specific content or lesson plans are available to students.

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Group your users in any way you see fit and give access to whomever you choose. Or, use Symbaloo as an individual and keep everything private, it’s your choice!



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Learning Paths



OneRoster & CSV data importer

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PRO for Teachers

$49 per year






PRO for Teams

$149 per year


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PRO for Schools

$499 per year

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PRO for Districts

$1799 per year

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* Additional accounts available

Join the many schools and districts that are already working with Symbaloo

One dashboard for your school

Start your class prepared with webmixes filled with important links for your students.

No need for students to log in

Thanks to your own unique URL there is no need for your users to log in; they have direct access to all of your published webmixes. With Symbaloo, everything is in one place!

Easy to use

Use different colors, icons and/or logos to make your webmixes recognizable for any age!

Watch videos

Videos from external parties are always opened within the Symbaloo platform so your students will never get distracted.

Working together with your colleagues

Manage your webmixes together with your colleagues using the collaboration feature. Add, edit or remove tiles together and discuss the progress of a webmix real-time.

Integrated with Symbaloo Learning Paths

Have you tried Symbaloo Learning Paths? Create a game-like online lesson plan using the best educational resources from across the web. Create pathways for students and track their progress along the way!

Before you decide:

Why is Symbaloo PRO free?

Symbaloo PRO is now available for FREE to all teachers because of support from our sponsors. These accounts may include some non-intrusive advertisements and occasional promotions from sponsors we think you might be interested in.

To enjoy all of the benefits of PRO without ads, upgrade to a Symbaloo PRO account (starting at only $49/year)!

What are collaborators?

Collaborators is one of Symbaloo PRO’s newest features and it was originally recommended by our users! This feature allows multiple people to build and edit webmixes at the same time. Collaborators can access or edit from anywhere, whether it be from within the same classroom or on opposite sides of the world!

How many students can use your PRO account?

With our newest version of Symbaloo PRO, we have removed the limitation on the number of students allowed within an account. However, each PRO plan is designed to be used in a particular setting: classroom, school, or district.

How do Symbaloo Learning Paths works?

Learning Paths are the perfect way to move your lesson plans online. Teachers can embed resources, articles, videos, or even quizzes into a gameboard-style webmix that makes learning fun for everyone.

While students make their way through the learning paths, you are provided with real-time statistics for each individual student to track their progress! Find out more here.

Why does Symbaloo allow ads?

At Symbaloo, every teacher is a pro!

In order to provide our users with Symbaloo PRO and accounts for free, we rely on advertising from trusted sponsors.

We do our best to ensure advertising is non-intrusive and does not affect your overall Symbaloo experience. With your help, we are able to continue making improvements to our products, provide great support to our users, and keep our paid PRO+ accounts affordable to educators!

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