So you're interested in learning the basics of Symbaloo?

This is a tiny version of the typical Symbaloo webmix that you can create and personalize. You can add any online content and embed it into your own website!

A Symbaloo webmix as your personal startpage

Organize all your favorite websites on your own private webmixes, a visually attractive grid for all your favorite online content!

Change the tile titles, images, amount & color of tiles and much more to make the startpoint of your browsing sessions even more personal!

Embed Symbaloo on your own website

Create a visually attractive webmix and integrate it into your own website.

It’s super easy, just copy the code we create for you and paste it into your website!

You can see the example of an integrated webmix below!

Share your collection of websites with a friend, colleague, or anybody else in the world

Share your personalized startpage through email or social media with anybody you know with the click of a button!

Fill the webmix with interesting blogposts or brainstorm on a specific topic, delicious recipes, sight seeing or travel location recommendations, or anything else you’d like to share.