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Symbaloo Webspaces for your School District

Streamline all information channels and resources for all parties involved in your school district. Connect your resources to Symbaloo to create an online hub for all your students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders.

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Learn to set up your Symbaloo Webspace in 5 Steps

Make Virtual Learning EasierHand your Teachers their Virtual ClassroomConnect to your Schools, Teachers, and StudentsManage information flows within your district

Enjoy an ad-free environment and avoid distractions

Remove distractions and keep your students engaged by providing a safe, ad-free learning environment!

The Symbaloo Webspaces for District version provides ad-free 300,000 pageviews per month, which comes to 52 pageviews per student per month for the average public school district of 5,726 students.

Create Connected Webspaces for all schools, grades, teachers, subjects, and the library

With your own Symbaloo domain (, sharing your resources is easier than ever. Target your content to your audience. Create Connected Webspaces for your students, their parents, teachers, and the library to distribute the right content to the right person!

The creation of Connected Webspaces is limitless so you can create a Webspace for every teacher or part of the organization within your school. Learn how to utilize Connected Webspaces to their fullest extent in this blog post.

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Make sure your students are safe! (COPPA-Compliance)

Symbaloo PRO is COPPA compliant. In Symbaloo PRO Webspaces, you can choose a child-safe mode, ensuring your students are safe from cookie-based ads.

Turn on the Child-Safety Mode for students under 13, so their data is safe! Users over 13 can create their own accounts to search, organize, and share resources themselves!

The Symbaloo Safesearch makes sure your students cannot search for words, which could be harmful to them! The Safesearch filters bad words out and leads students to an unharmful search term. 

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Hand your teachers a tool for the Classroom and Virtual Learning!

Virtual learning, 1:1 Classrooms, and Hybrid Learning were never easier! Symbaloo is an online tool that feels at home in both classrooms as Virtual Learning environments! Compile your resources and share them with your students. Your custom Symbaloo domain makes sure your students can access your resources from every location at every time.

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Let your teachers collaborate to compile the best content on Symbaloo

Invite your teachers to collaborate to collect the best links and resources. Manage the Webspace collaborators easily in the Webspace Dashboard.

Connect and sync your Student Information System

Get the right content to the right student by connecting to your Student Information System (SIS). Schools can connect Symbaloo to OneRoster systems (e.g. Clever, Classlink, etc.).Student rosters and classes will remain synced automatically!

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Manage the School or District account with other administrators

Manage your District and School account on the Symbaloo Webspace Dashboard. Here you can add administrators, Webspaces and Teachers to the right Webspaces. 

Personalize your Homepage and Bookmarks 

Symbaloo offers a wide range of features to make your Homepage really yours! Get creative, and customize your webmixes, tabs, tiles, and more by using all Symbaloo features to it's full potential!

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Learn to set up your Symbaloo Webspace in 5 Steps