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Edmodo has shut down. Learn how Symbaloo can help you.

The departure of Edmodo from the education space has affected many educators. With a tool connecting so many educators from across the globe, some of you are swimming to find new tools to help reduce those emotions. In this post, Symbaloo shares how you can use Symbaloo to replace your Edmodo needs.


Connect to your Edmodo friends in the Symbaloo Community

Join conversations and discussions in the brand new Symbaloo Community. Share the challenges you encounter in your classroom, and our community members will help you with all your questions. Develop yourself into a next-level teacher within our Community, and meet EdTech stars like Shannon MillerJillian Johnson, and John Lewis.

Before entering our Community, you must complete the Symbaloo Certification. Our community manager Michelle will be able to assist you in getting acquainted with the Symbaloo community and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.  

Store your Edmodo resources in tiles in your custom Webmixes

Have you got any resources within Edmodo that you would like to save on another platform? Save them within tiles in Symbaloo! A collection of tiles is called a Symbaloo Webmix. You can add anything to your Symbaloo Webmix if it has a shareable URL. Save your documents, pictures, videos, web tools, and resources in Symbaloo Webmixes for later reference.  

Discover new great resources in the Symbaloo Library

Symbaloo educators help each other by sharing their great resources in structured Webmixes in the Symbaloo Library. The Library contains over 50,000 Webmixes, so there will surely be a Webmix with resources that suit your lesson plan or curriculum.   

Are you finding any resources or components in that Webmix that is not suiting your needs? You can claim the Webmix for yourself - creating a copy where you can add or remove tiles in the Webmix to make it suitable for you!

Find new Lesson Plans from your favorite Edmodo educators in Symbaloo Learning Paths

Find or create new Lesson Plans in Symbaloo Learning Paths. Learning Paths allows you to quiz students on every topic in their customized environment. The Learning Path will enable you to give extra attention to certain students that may need a little more help than others! Like the Webmix Library, Learning Paths has its own Learning Paths Library, where your Edmodo friends have created and shared Learning Paths that may fit your Lesson Plans or Curriculum. Creating an engaging lesson has never been easier!

Share your online classroom and engage your students with Symbaloo Webspaces

Like in Edmodo, Symbaloo allows you to manage your online classroom and quickly share your resources with your students using Symbaloo Webspaces. By creating a Symbaloo Webspace, you can generate a custom URL that your students can access at any time, anywhere, and on any device - to find the resources they need. 

Symbaloo Webspaces have been created to keep students engaged in a lesson. Having all of the necessary resources together in a Webspace reduces the desire for students to browse the internet - helping to eliminate any distractions.

Symbaloo as your Edmodo replacement

As much as we will miss Edmodo, Symbaloo is here to help.. . With the many Symbaloo features and help from the Community, we hope Symbaloo helps ease difficulties and allows educators to start the new school year with renewed energy. Create your Symbaloo account today to substitute your Edmodo needs. 

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